Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback infamy) are together not only as husband and wife but also are working together. On Lavigne’s latest album her hubby appears on most tracks as the producer. She continues even further away from her earlier and edgier pop punk sound to a purer pop on her fifth album. Though she is a little all over the place soundwise with some R&B, syrupy ballads and glam thrown in for good measure. It ends up reeking of desperation rather than experimentation or growth. Either she is trying for the Taylor Swift-type crowd or she is just lobbing them out there and hoping something will stick. I for one believe it is time for our little sk8ter girl to grow up and making songs that are deeper than a catchy chorus. Though if you have loved her in the past for her indecisiveness and contradictions then you will continue to be on the Avril bandwagon. If you fall in this category you will probably especially love the first four tracks on the album as they are totally nostalgic for her youth. I just find this a little annoying as she is only 29-years-old. Frustration mounted upon each subsequent listen as I could not find anything for me to sink my teeth into. On the positive side, her voice has probably never sounded better. If you disregard the completely auto-tuned “Rock N Roll” that is.

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