Season three continues with the strong work of this series plus adds significant character development of Sherlock Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbatch).  A great contemporary version of the Sherlock story and mysteries set in 21st century London. Sherlock is aided by his faithful friend, Dr. John Watson (played by Martin Freeman) and butts heads with Inspector Lestrade (played by Rupert Graves). The stories move quickly and there is some humour to lighten things. You’ll continue to be wowed by Sherlock’s powers of observation and deduction. Each season of Sherlock features three episodes that are more like films as they are ninety minutes long. Here’s to hoping that there is a fourth season.

Episode 1: The Empty Hearse: It is two years after the “death” of Sherlock and he is back in London that is under threat from terrorists. Sherlock finds out that things have changed and John has moved on.

Episode 2: The Sign of Three: The day of John and Mary’s (played by Amanda Abbington) wedding has arrived. Sherlock finds his hands full as he has to give the best man speech and solve a murder.

Episode 3: His Last Vow: Sherlock is up against a blackmailer named Charles Augustus Magnussen (played by Lars Mikkelsen). Lady Smallwood (played by Lindsay Duncan) has asked Sherlock to get back some incriminating letters.

Special Features: The Fall, Fans, Villains & Speculation: The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes, Shooting Sherlock