Daughtry – Baptized

Seven years since he came in fourth in American Idol and Chris Daughtry is finally settling into his music career. He and his band are spreading their wings musically on their fourth album. Their game plan is obvious when you look at the fact that they chose producers who had worked with No Doubt and Miley Cyrus previously. Instead of the usual run-of-the-mill harder edged rock they have incorporated some folk and synthesizers into the mix and made more of a pop rock album. Vocally, Chris Daughtry is changing things up by using more and more of his upper registry. As usual, though, his voice is powerful. Maybe finally living up to the potential shown on the singing reality show. Also showing that he is not willing to make the same album over and over. Not playing it safe. High points of the twelve track album are “Battleship” and “Waiting for Superman”.

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