Five years previous astronaut John Crichton (played by Ben Browder) tries to use the atmosphere around Earth to propel his ship Farscape 1 at great speeds across the solar system. A miscalculation leads to him traveling much further than expected. In a far away part of the galaxy he and his ship are sucked into wormhole. In order to save his life a group of escaping alien prisoners rescue him and take them aboard their ship. The aliens are fleeing from the Peacekeepers. The ship is actually a living creature called Moya. Years go by and Crichton becomes captain of the ship. The entire time on the ship he is trying to find a way back home.

Episode 1: Mind the Baby – Part 2: With Scorpio (played by Wayne Pygram) looking for them, Crichton, Aeryn (played by Claudia Black) and D’Argo (played by Anthony Simcoe) are trapped in an asteroid field. Their chance at survival rests in Crais’s (played by Lani Tapu) hands.

Episode 2: Vitas Mortis: D’Argo takes part in an ancient ritual that could save an Orican. The Orican believes she is drawing energy from D’Argo but is actually taking it from Moya, who begins to rapidly age.

Episode 3: Taking the Stone: Chiana (played by Gigi Edgley) finds out that her brother has died. She decides to leave Moya and head to a dangerous grave planet.

Episode 4: Crackers Don’t Matter: When an alien named T’raltixx (played by Danny Adcock) says he can change Moya’s electromagnetic profile enough to make her untraceable Crichton doubts it. After passing by a constellation of pulsars the crew shows signs of high paranoia.

Episode 5: The Way We Weren’t: A tape reveals that Aeryn is part of the Peacekeeper firing squad. The crew wants answers but Aeryn is reluctant to go back over her past.

Episode 6: Picture If You Will: While on a planet Chiana is given for free a picture that supposedly can tell the future. On Moya the crew is upset when the picture begins predicting their deaths and they cannot stop it.

Episode 7: Home on the Remains: Moya is out of food. Chiana brings everyone to where she used to work.

Episode 8: Dream a Little Dream: Zhaan (played by Virginia Hey) and Crichton are waiting inside a transport pod to be picked up by Moya. She tells him that in his absence he is been charged with and tried for murder.

Episode 9: Out of Their Minds: An alien ship fires at Moya first but inflicts very little damage. Despite the fact that their shields were up the crew finds that their minds are switched into other bodies.

Episode 10: My Three Crichtons: On the Moya a strange globe appears and sucks in Crichton. This also creates two other people – a caveman and one who possesses high intelligence.

Episode 11: Look at the Princess – Part 1: Moya arrives on a planet in which the inhabitants test genetic compatibility by kissing. Crichton kisses a princess who is next in line for the throne and finds out he is a perfect match.

Episode 12: Look at the Princess – Part 2: Crichton and his fiancée, Princess Katralla (played by Felicity Price), have a lot going on around them. The empress tells Crichton that if he does not marry Katralla that she will turn him over to Scorpius.

Episode 13: Look at the Princess – Part 3: Crichton and Katralla, now married, are frozen into statues. An assassination attempt ends with Crichton losing his head.

Episode 14: Beware of Dog: The crew hears rumours of creatures infecting ships in the area they are in. They decide to buy an alien tracker to remove all creatures from Moya.

Episode 15: Won’t Get Fooled Again: Crichton wakes up to find himself on Earth. All is not as it seems and Crichton seems to only have Scorpius to turn to.

Episode 16: The Locket: Moya is stuck in a temporal anomaly but doesn’t realize it. After being on recon for just a few hours Aeryn returns much older than when she left.

Episode 17: The Ugly Truth: Crais and Talyn rendez vous with Moya. The crew boards Talyn and Crais presents them with a proposal.

Episode 18: A Clockwork Nebari: Moya is boarded by Nebari who try to cleanse the crew with a drug. Pilot (played by Lani Tapu) and Rygel (played by Jonathan Hardy) are the only ones seemingly able to resist.

Episode 19: Liars, Guns and Money – Part 1: Stark (played by Paul Goddard) returns to Moya. He has a plan to rob a depository so that he can use the money to buy some slaves.

Episode 20: Liars, Guns and Money – Part 2: The stolen money has transformed into metal eating spiders that have begun to eat Moya. Scorpius has managed to buy the slaves before D’Argo.

Episode 21: Liars, Guns and Money – Part 3: In order to free Jothee (played by Matthew Newton), Crichton turns himself over to Scorpius. The crew comes up with a plan to free Crichton and destroy the depository.

Episode 22: Die Me, Dichotomy – Part 1: The crew come across a doctor that can remove Crichton’s neural chip and heal Moya’s burns. Scorpius seems to be taking over Crichton’s mind.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Listening in with Composer Guy Gross: The Way We Weren’t, Listening in with Composer Guy Gross: My Three Crichtons, Listening in with Composer Guy Gross: The Locket, Listening in with Composer Guy Gross: Die Me, Dichotomy, Season 2 Bloopers, Farscape in the Raw: Director’s Cut Scenes, Re:Union, Farscape Undressed, Behind the Scenes Interview: Wayne Pygram, Behind the Scenes Interview: David Franklin