Sean Paul – Full Frequency

Dancehall act Sean Paul, after a long lull in between albums, seems to back in the groove, so to speak. He is now releasing albums at a more regular clip. Full Frequency is the follow up to the Grammy nominated Tomahawk Technique from 2012. His sixth studio album features the hot singles “Other Side of Love” and “Turn It Up”. You’ll hear guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Iggy Azalea, Damian Marley and 2Chainz. My favourite track is the big bombastic “Riot” which features Damian Marley. What has made Sean Paul so successful over the course of his career and he continues it on Full Frequency is that he makes the music so universal. Meaning he doesn’t get bogged down in sticking to traditional dancehall rather he spreads his musical wings and tries to make music that is very accessible. This might be poo pooed by dancehall fans but he is successful reaching as many music fans as possible. Each song on the album seems as if it was made to be radio friendly as well as something you can hear pumping from the speakers at your favourite club. Big, bold and bright are words that describe the music on Sean Paul’s latest. This is his comfort zone and he is making no apologies for staying in it. It is all upbeat so sometimes it gets a little monotonous but that really is nitpicking on my part. On the other hand, you can see the continuity of the album as something comforting.