Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana – Mehliana: Tame the Dragon

Two musicians who have worked together for a few years and have now collaborated on an album. Mehldau is a keyboardist while Guiliana is a drummer/percussionist. The album contains twelve tracks of which were written together while the rest were penned by Mehldau alone. My first thought is how it is refreshing to hear Mehldau do something different from his usual trio jazz fusion stuff. For long time fans, this is electric so be warned. Loops and distortion figure prominently. Meaning it is very far from the usual jazz you expect from Brad Mehldau. Rather than being an attempt at spreading your wings or musical exploration it just ends up sounding like a random mess. Some interesting instrumental sections and atmospheres created that are then ruined by unneeded vocals. What is most upsetting is that there is some good music here you just have to be patient. The problem is that while there are some strong tracks on the album (“Luxe”, “Dreamer” and “Hungry Ghost”) for the most part the rest are either too long or just plain boring.

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