Best Dress Style for Your Body Type

A great dress can make you feel great and make a night better. I am not exaggerating as many a woman has told me this. It seems like a simple thing. Pick a dress that flatters you, feel like a million bucks then have a great time doing whatever you are doing. However, it is not as simple as all that. Many a gal has pulled her hair out trying to find the right dress. Too small and you feel like a stuffed sausage. Too big and you feel lost in a gunny sack. Everyone needs help. Don’t fret I am here to help. No matter your size there is a dress that is for your body type. Read on and you can thank me later.



-A belt and a tulip skirt will give off the illusion of an

hourglass figure.

-A sweetheart neckline and draped pockets will put

curves where there weren’t any previously.

-A floating silk layer will add some volume.

-A bustier will give your bust a boost.


-Balance out your proportions and select a dress with

blousy top.

-Bigger thighs can be disguised by a small, busy print

coupled with an A-line skirt.

-Around your bodice choose something with lace panels as

they will keep the focus there.

-Ruffles and strategic gathering will draw eyes up.


  -Slim down with vertical stripes.

-A well cut crossover top will disguise a large bust.

-Belted dresses are your friend. It will skim over your

body rather than cling to curves.


-To create the illusion of a fuller chest a dress with pockets around the bust will do the trick.

-A t-strap style will direct attention to a toned back.

-Strong shoulders can be softened by a loose tank.


-Pick a dress that is tight in strategic places. Accentuate what parts you like.

-A dress with a nipped waist will create the illusion of an

hourglass figure.