The fans of this television show have waited a long time for the release of the fifth season. It has taken years but it is finally here.

The Venture Bros. is almost like an animated version of another television series, Supernatural. It is about two brothers, Hank (voiced by Christopher McCulloch) and Dean Venture (voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas), who join their father Doctor Venture (voiced by James Urbaniak) and the family bodyguard, Brock Samson (voiced by Patrick Warburton), on crazy adventures that see them face all kinds of creatures like zombies and ninjas. Doctor Venture was a genius whose smarts did not translate into making him a great scientist. Brock, who never misses a chance to beat someone up, is really the father figure for the boys.

Episode 1: What Color Is Your Cleansuit?: Dr. Venture attempts to recruit some interns to help him finish a project in time for J.J. (voiced by James Urbaniak). Triana rejected him forces Dean into a life-changing decision.

Episode 2: Venture Libre: The Ventures are off to the jungles of Central America to try and locate an invention that has developed a mind of its own. Each of the Ventures comes up against their own heart of darkness in the jungle.

Episode 3: SPHINX Rising: The Monarch (voiced by Christopher McCulloch) and his wife (voiced by Doc Hammer) attempt to carry out the destruction of the Ventures’ compound. While doing so the Monarch learns something shocking about his own past.

Episode 4: Spanakopita: Billy’s (voiced by Doc Hammer) past haunts him when he goes to the Island of Spanakos with Doctor Venture to attend the festival of Spanakopita. Not quite the fun week in the sun they had pictured.

Episode 5: O.S.I. Love You: Monstroso (voiced by Christopher McCulloch) and Molotov (voiced by Mia Barron) are captured by the O.S.I. Internal Affairs tries to figure out what went wrong.

Episode 6: Momma’s Boys: Dean goes to see the mystery woman in his life. Hank and Dermot (voiced by Doc Hammer) play a prank on Doctor Venture.

Episode 7: Bot Seeks Bot: Brock goes undercover to help locate and rescue another operative. He ends up in a night club which is not typical in any way.

Episode 8: The Devil’s Grip: It is after Doctor Venture’s death and Sgt. Hatred (voiced by Christopher McCulloch) sends Dean and Hank off to live separately with their godfathers. Sgt. Hatred then seeks revenge on the Monarch for what he did.

Special Features: Two Episodes – A Very Venture Halloween and From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story, Deleted Scenes, Fax My Grandson