Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor – Blu-ray Edition

Christmas is big in the UK. In the way that being on a Christmas edition of a chat show or Top of the Pops is huge most big UK television series have a Christmas special which are not really parts of the present season. Here is the Christmas 2013 (which actually aired on Christmas Day) episode of Doctor Who, a British series that has been on air for fifty years.

The universe’s most dangerous and deadly species have gathered and they are orbiting a rather innocuous planet. They have been brought there by a strange message that has been emanating from the planet out into space.  Amidst those drawn there is Doctor Who (played by Matt Smith). The time travelling wiz has brought along Clara (played by Jenna Coleman), who was glad to no longer be sitting through a family Christmas dinner. Trying to figure out what the message means – for them and for the entire universe is what they are going to attempt to do.

As is typical of the rabid fan base of this series’ expectations were high. They all knew that Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor had come to an end so he would be killed off.  With each Doctor that has been “killed” off there have been expectations of an epic episode.

The goodbye to faithful servant Matt Smith is appropriate and very touching. His Doctor is also vindicated. With his goodbye we all also know that this means a hello to a new Doctor.

Hats off to the people behind the series as they managed to meet expectations and wrap things up in a mere one hour. All that without feeling rushed. Many questions are answered but new ones crop up. Well acted and written with just the right amount of action.

If you have been a faithful fan of the series then your devotion (and patience) is going to pay off with this episode.  Much will be revealed.

Special Features: Behind the Lens, Farewell to Matt Smith, Tale From the TARDIS

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