Boston – Life, Love & Hope

They say that there is some comfort in things that don’t change. I beg to differ. At least in the case of Boston. The sound is still similar from what we have come to expect from them. Despite the fact that lead singer Brad Delp committed suicide around five years ago they are still releasing songs with his vocals on them. Rather than comforting I find this creepy. Other singers (who are alive…I think) like Kimberley Dahme, David Victor, Tommy DeCarlo and band founder Tom Scholz round out the sound, but still it’s weird not only to hear his voice, but to have them release an album using his vocals so many years after he died is weird. That being said, the Massachusetts band’s first album in ten years will not go down in the annals as one of their strongest. Many of the songs have to do with painful events and the effect they can have on our lives. Instead of being dark it looks at the more positive side. Boston using drum machines? Sad! The sound of Boston is there for the most part but the heart and soul isn’t. Some of the songs are strong and true to the Boston tradition while others are just filler. Maybe Scholz has to kiss and make up with some of the original members of Boston to get back on the right path. He better do it quickly before the entire reputation of the band suffers due to the release of more subpar albums.

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