Lie to Me: The Complete Third and Final Season

This was good television so it is a shame they stopped it after only 3 seasons. As a result many potential plot lines were not fully developed. It follows the cases of a deception expert who helps the FBI, police, law firms, corporations and individuals to learn the truth. The Lightman Group is headed by this expert and his partner, a psychologist. Together they make a strong team.

If you are a fan of Tim Roth then you will enjoy every moment of the series as he is in pretty much every scene. In this season Cal (played by Tim Roth) seems to be more quirky and jerky than ever. With some fairly erratic behaviour even for him. This leads to Dr. Foster (played by Kelli Williams) worrying about the viability of the business.

Episode 1: In the Red: Lightman tries by all means to stop a man filled with revenge from robbing a bank. To do so he puts himself right in the middle of it.

Episode 2: The Royal We: Lightman is stressed about the writing of his overdue book. Dr. Foster and Lightman are hired by a teen pageant to see no one is cheating but they stumble upon something more devious.

Episode 3: Dirty Loyal: Internal Affairs has some dirt on Lightman’s new cop Detective Sharon Wellowski (played by Monique Gabriela Curnen). Lightman tries to get to the bottom of what Wellowski and her partner are hiding.

Episode 4: Double Blind: A shooting and attempted robbery at a museum leads to Torres (played by Monica Raymund) and the Lightman Group being blamed when both thieves die. Lightman warns the curator there will be a second attempt.

Episode 5: The Canary’s Song: Cal is brought in to investigate an explosion at a coal mine that killed six miners in which it is believed that foul play is involved. Putting his life at risk, Cal actually goes down into the mine amidst the workers to get to the bottom of things.

Episode 6: Beyond Belief: Cal takes on the leader of a self-help empire at the request of a rich woman’s daughter who believes she made be under the leader’s control. Things become personal for Cal when the leader threatens both his and his daughter’s (played by Hayley McFarland) lives.

Episode 7: Veronica: Lightman feels compelled to help a woman suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s after Emily hits her with his car. Digging into the woman’s past could prove dangerous today.

Episode 8: Smoked: Wallowski asks Cal for a favour involving the terminally ill owner of a chain of restaurants. The man’s dying wish is to learn who killed his beloved daughter.

Episode 9: Rebound: A wealthy woman hires Cal to investigate her new boyfriend to see if he is deceiving her. When he does some digging he discovers the man is something of a chameleon.

Episode 10: Funhouse: Cal begins to investigate a man who is a patient at a mental hospital by his daughter who is a friend of Emily’s because she thinks he is being held against his will. The case brings Cal face-to-face with his own family demons.

Episode 11: Saved: Three joyriding students cause the death of another student who is a star baseball player. Cal thinks they might not be responsible when he sees signs of guilt on the face of an off duty paramedic who was first on the scene.

Episode 12: Gone: A baby is kidnapped and the mother says that an unknown couple has taken the baby by force from her. Cal begs to differ when he sees that she is hiding something.

Episode 13: Killer App: A former patient of Gillian’s, who is one of three founders of a social networking site, is killed after she comes to the Lightman Group when she believes that one of her partners is squeezing her out of the business. Cal does not believe the evidence and pushes forward to investigate on his own.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Fox Movie Channel Presents – In Character with Tim Roth

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