R Kelly – Black Panties

You have got to hand it to this guy in that he has found a niche for himself in the music industry and settled in for the long haul. Within the R&B genre R Kelly has become the man who is about sex 24/7. I mean, even the name of his twelfth and latest album is Black Panties. He never stops and certainly makes no apologies. Longtime fans will revel in tracks like “Marry the P*$$y” while anyone with some sort of perspective will agree that the best songs on the album are when he tones it down a little. Subtlety always goes a long way in the music industry. When he is not playing the playah it seems like he concentrates on his vocals (Say what you will but R Kelly has a good voice and a flexible one.) and the quality of the music rather than a certain part of his body. The immature stuff is rather throw away whereas when he is acting like a proper adult the music is better. If you focus on songs about adult stuff rather than teenage obsession then the lyrics improve exponentially. Love over sex will win the day every time. If you want to be taken seriously as an artist rather than an oversexed joke.

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