Eric Clapton – Give Me Strength: The ’74/’75 Studio Recordings

After the über talented Eric Clapton almost destroyed his career due to drugs he cleaned himself up in the middle seventies then began repairing his relationship with music and his fans. Several albums were released in short order. Give Me Strength is like a fleshing out of this period in his career; it really allows you to hear his music. He was now a more laid back singer and songwriter. As a result on this six CD collection you get a lot of acoustic stuff. Sprinkled in is some reggae and of course, blues. The highlights are not surprisingly listening to this virtuoso play guitar in a way few others have been able to use the instrument. It’s a wonder to listen to. There are several chill inducing moments. It is on these lengthy jams that you can really hear his talent and feel for the music he plays.

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