Beyonce – Beyonce

In today’s day and age of change and struggle within the music industry it never happens that a major musician releases an album without a ton of fanfare. That is unless you are as big as Beyoncé. The rules and norms do not apply for this lady as around the Christmas period she without any noticed released this her self-titled album. Big surprise! Who can keep a secret like that? 14 songs and 17 videos shot around the world available on iTunes and now in the usual formats. Whatever the lady touches turns to gold as it shot to the top of the charts. She is the first to release a full (and plus) album of videos along with an album. She explains that it seems natural to her as she visualizes her music. Whatever her thought process is you certainly get to see Queen B in ways you have never before in these videos. Along with the help of hubby Jay Z, man with the Midas touch Pharrell, Frank Ocean and Canadian rapper Drake she has created an album that is on everyone’s iPod and videos that are getting millions of hits on YouTube. The songs are R&B but of a type that I don’t think anyone has come out with before. The closest would be Janet Jackson circa The Velvet Rope era. It is full of soul and very funky in a sexy kind of way. A lot of R-rated stuff here! Beyoncé pushes the envelope more than she ever has before. The track “Blow” is about oral sex and lead single “Drunk in Love” is a duet between her and her rapping husband that is hot to say the least. I have to admit though as great as Beyoncé is her ballads have become too much for me. Maybe it is the shrieking nature of her vocals or maybe it is the syrupy positivity of them. Whatever the reason I, for one, could do without them.

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