In the near future they are going to be able to almost instantaneously measure our personalities and state of mind. Freaky, no? At least according to this Japanese anime television series. Shinya Kougami is an enforcement officer who gathers such information via the Sybil System and uses it to manage crime. New top notch recruit Akane Tsunemori joins the police force but she does not only rely on Sybil rather uses her own common sense and gut feeling to fight crime.

Episode 1: Crime Coefficient: People’s minds are being scanned to uncover their chances of committing crimes. Inspector Akane Tsunemori is on her first day on the police force and she also uses Enforcers, former criminals, to catch criminals.

Episode 2: Those Capable: Kogami is recovering after being shot by Akane with a Paralyzer. After a tough first case Akane wonders if she is cut out to be on the police force.

Episode 3: Rearing Conventions: Ginoza and Akane are assigned a case involving a drone causing a death at a drone manufacturing plant. It becomes puzzling when the entire staff passes the Psycho-Pass.

Episode 4: Nobody Knows Your Mask: Kimihiko Hayama has disappeared and then is found dead. More troubling is that someone has taken over his net avatar, Talisman.

Episode 5: Nobody Knows Your Face: The CID is on the trail of Kimihiko Hayama’s killer. While investigating they stumble upon another murder with the same pattern.

Episode 6: Return of the Psychotic Prince: Akane reads Kogami’s file and tries to figure out what led him to be an Enforcer. The CID tries to figure out who was helping commit the drone murders.

Episode 7: Symbolism of Bletilla Striata: The CID is brought in to investigate when a body is found under a fountain Holo. The killer is planning his next murder.

Episode 8: And Then, Silence: Kogami is removed from the current case CID is working on. He decides to investigate on his own.

Episode 9: Paradise Fruit: Aware of Makishima’s existence the focus turns to finding more evidence on him. Kogami brings Akane to a professor that used to give lectures to investigators.

Episode 10: Methuselah’s Game: A friend of Akane’s Yuki sends her an email wanting to talk about a case. When Yuki doesn’t show Akane along with Kogami try to find out what happened to her.

Episode 11: Saint’s Supper: Kogami and Yuki struggle to stay alive caught up in Senguji’s hunting game. Ginoza is not really sure what is going on.

Episode 12: Devil’s Crossroad: Yayoi Kunizuka is purifying herself in order to become an Enforcer. Ginoza and Kogami ask her for help on a case.

Episode 13: Invitation From the Abyss: Senguji has attacked Kogami and he is recovering from his injuries. Akane decides to undergo a Memory Scoop.

Episode 14: Sweet Poison: A man wearing a helmet is able to walk into a pharmacy and kill the pharmacist all while his Hue remains clear. The CID wonder if he is like Makishima.

Episode 15: The Town Where Sulfur Falls: The Metropolitan is in a state of chaos as people wearing helmets are walking around committing crimes. In the name of self defense citizens are starting to purchase weapons.

Episode 16: The Gate to Judgment: Makishima and Choe Gu-Song arrive at the Nona Tower looking a source of power. Kagari, Akane and Kogami also arrive in an effort to stop them.

Episode 17: Iron Heart: The city is trying to clean up and deal with the aftermath of the riots. Division 1 is tasked with finding the missing Kagari.

Episode 18: An Episode Written on Water: Makishima has escaped and Division 1 is tasked with his recapture. Kogami is taken off the case.

Episode 19: Transparent Shadow: Kogami has escaped and asks Saiga for help figuring out Makishima’s next move. Division 1 is ordered to capture Makishima alive and kill Kogami.

Episode 20: Where Justice Lies: The Dominator completely explains the Sybil System to Akane. Akane now must decide how to proceed.

Episode 21: Blood-Stained Reward: It is a race between CID and Kogami to see who can get to Makishima first. They are both trying to stop him from releasing the modified virus.

Episode 22: Perfect World: Kogami and Makishima are in a battle to the death. Akane tries to stop Kogami from killing Makishima.