Childish Gambino – Because the Internet

If you look at the cover of the album then you will recognize Childish Gambino as Donald Glover from the television comedy, The Community. Yes, he is an actor and a rapper. Not unlike his character Troy Barnes Glover’s sophomore album is all about embracing his nerdiness. He wears his quirky personality on his sleeve and is endearing as a result. Not filled with usual bravado and championing of women and bling that you get ad nausea within the rap community, Childish Gambino is a breath of fresh air. Despite his “difference” from most rappers he is able to attract big names like Chance the Rapper and Azelia Banks to provide guest vocals on Because the Internet. If you are one of those out there that poo poo actors who turn to music this might be the album that changes your mind. The pacing of this concept album is wonderful with each unique sounding track contributing to the overall theme of…you guessed it…the Internet. A deep thinker this guy is. An abstract idea if there ever was one and yet due to the talents of this wordsmith Gambino pulls it off and it becomes an album that gets better with each subsequent listen. Due to the beats and sometimes surprisingly intricate arrangements (there is even a sax solo on “Worldstar”!) each of the 19 tracks is catchy in its own way. You’ll get a little bit of R&B and even jazz on some of the songs.

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