Continuum: Season Two – Blu-ray Edition

Clap your hands for the small Canadian show that could. We in the Great White North can be proud of this show for several reasons. One is that it does plenty with a little. Two, that it showed our neighbours to the south that we can do television well. Three, is that even though it is sci-fi it does pay attention to things like character development and story. Finally, it addresses big ethical issues in an intelligent way.

The premise is that a Protective Services Officer from Vancouver named Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols) is transported back from 2077 to 2012. There she comes across eight terrorists collectively called Liber8. They are attempting to escape execution through time travel. Kiera has to try and capture Liber8 before they alter history and as such change history.

Episode 1: Second Chances: The mayor is assassinated and Kiera and Carlos (played by Victor Webster) team up to figure out who did it. Kiera also asks Alec (played by Erik Knudsen) for help but he has not been himself since reading the message from his future self.

Episode 2: Split Second: A prison transfer is happening and Liber8 is trying to disrupt it. Alec gets a visit from Kellog (played by Stephen Lobo) concerning forming a partnership.

Episode 3: Second Thoughts: Kiera needs Alec’s help when a dangerous drug from the future finds its way onto the streets. Travis (played by Roger R. Cross) and Sonya (played by Lexa Doig) fight each other.

Episode 4: Second Skin: Liber8 has a whole new way of trying to win over the public. Kiera becomes aware that there might be another Protector’s suit like hers that has been activated.

Episode 5: Second Opinion: Kiera is stressed when Inspector Dillon (played by Brian Markinson) is fired. Her cover identity is threatened under the new regime.

Episode 6: Second Truths: Kiera’s partnership with Carlos is threatened by a serial killer she studied in 2077.  Alec starts a relationship with Emily (played by Magda Apanowicz).

Episode 7: Second Degree: Emily reveals a different side to herself. Alec doesn’t know if he should tell the truth or protect his mother.

Episode 8: Second Listen: Alec is taken hostage by Garza (played by Luvia Petersen). Several time travelers disappear bringing Kiera to investigate.

Episode 9: Seconds: Alec’s mother is shot but the intended target was Julian (played by Richard Harmon). Kiera has to figure out a way to stop Julian from becoming murderous in the future.

Episode 10: Second Wave: Julian followers capture Kiera in a surprise attack. Alec activates Travis’ military chip in order to hunt him down.

Episode 11: Second Guess: Vancouver is in chaos after a series of cyber attacks. Clues suggest that Alec might have something to do with attack.

Episode 12: Second Last: Travis takes possession of the second tech suit. Alec finds his “dead” father.

Episode 13: Second Time: Alec is forced to make a tough decision. It starts to become clear what the Freelancers are all about.

Special Features: Continuum: Behind the Scenes

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