Key and Peele: Seasons 1 & 2 – Blu-ray Edition

Comedy Central brings you the former MADTV and present-day Comedy Central duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (better known as Key and Peele) in a series of sketch and live segments that are not what you’d expect. By that I mean they have their own style which is part goofy and part clever. Over the years they have built up a chemistry that few comedy duos have been able to obtain. They seem to have no boundaries in that they will take on anyone from the U.S. President to Hitler. No one is safe from being poked fun at and taboos are taken head on. Daring and it works out more often than it doesn’t.

Season One:

Episode 1: Bitch: Darryl and Craig are the bosses in their relationships just not in front of their wives. Gideon’s Kitchen is on confusing cooking reality show. Mr. Washington tries to get a prescription for medical marijuana. L’il Wayne believes he’s the toughest dude in prison. Barrack Obama gives his Presidential Weekly Address.

Episode 2: Mmmmmm: Obama defeats a street corner rapper. Mr. Lewis’s meeting with his mother’s doctor is reduced to a “Yo mama” contest. Brock Favors does the traffic from a helicopter for the first time. The Uptown Community Players presents Lunch with Greatness. An awkward moment between an all-male singing duo during a love song.

Episode 3: Das Negros: Slave auction in Savannah, 1848. Jeff is not too sure about when “Black Jeff” and “White Jeff” should come out. Germany, 1942 and the Nazis are hunting Negroes. People who talk in movie theatres are of different categories. A murder is delayed by a poop in the pants.

Episode 4: The Branding: A Pegasus sighting in South Lennox. White people cannot say the N-word. Kanye the Giant brings a new dimension to the fantasy role playing game. Making or not making an album can really make a difference in a person’s life.

Episode 5: Dueling Magical Negroes: Carl and Steve do battle over a troubled white guy. Jaden Pinkett-Smith wants to be a down-to-earth everyday kid. The 7th state legalizes gay marriage.

Episode 6: Flicker: You got something on your shirt. Requesting old school music from a DJ. White people trying to prove they aren’t racist. UWL pay-per-view preview.

Episode 7: Soul Food: Two men try to out black each other at a soul food restaurant. Two guys try to pick up girls at a bar only one is faster. The king of mouth music, Bobby McFerrin is upstaged by Winslow. A black man is brought into the fold by the Tea Party. Two army recruiters try to get new ensigns at a gay bar. A man makes the mistake of telling his wife his sexual fantasy

Episode 8: Landlord: Obama is teaching Malea what life is like in the real world. Black rappers at a bar mitzvah. A hitman who doesn’t get it. Baby Forest Whittaker is different from any of the other kids the babysitter has looked after.

Season Two:

Episode 1: Obama College Years: A look at Obama during his college years. Crashing a Civil War reenactment group. Jesus comes face to face with a violent pimp.

Episode 2: Dubstep: President Obama and his angry translator confront Mitt Romney. The man who had to make a speech after Martin Luthar King’s “I Had a Dream”. Two friends ruminate about what happens to their poop after they flush.

Episode 3: Puppy Dog Ice-T: Being Steve Jobs’ successor. Ice-T as a bad puppy. Rihanna and Chris Brown give love another go.

Episode 4: I’m Retired: A weird bachelor party. A black kid with a white penis.

Episode 5: Bone Thugs & Homeless: A news reporter is terrorized by a dog. Harriet Tubman free running.

Episode 6: Michael Jackson: A Michael Jackson impersonator goes too far. A priest has a chance to do something during an exorcism. When white zombies attack.

Episode 7: Victory: A guy chases his girlfriend all over the globe. LMFAO cannot stop partying.

Episode 8: Manly Tears: A drug deal goes bad. A mobster who is actually a cry baby. Darius Rucker has to deal with the fact that he was in Hootie and the Blowfish.

Episode 9: Gangsta Standoff: Gangsters who love “Twilight”. A world where names are farts. Racist superheroes.

Episode 10: Dueling Hats: An alien learns about the female body. Two friends try to one up themselves when it comes to fresh hats. The last two men on Earth.

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