Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once

Getting older hasn’t toned down Kylie Minogue’s sexy side. The lady from Down Under has made a career out of recording dance pop music that is heavily laced with sexual innuendo. Nothing has changed here as Kiss Me Once, her twelfth studio album though her first under the Roc Nation umbrella, as it is jam packed with radio friendly dance music with song titles like “Sexercise”, “Sexy Love” and “Les Sex”. The woman certainly has a one track mind! I guess if it ain’t broke don’t mess with it is Kylie motto. At times, however, Kylie begins showing her age. Not in the completely desperate Madonna kind of way but rather like a woman who is aging yet trying to stay contemporary. What I do like is that she is also great on the more tender tracks like “Feels So Good”, which allows the songstress to show a different side. It breaks up the monotony of the tongue firmly in cheek sex tunes. Recorded in London and Los Angeles, the album features help from the omnipresent Pharrell and Sia. The use of several different producers has resulted in a variety of sounds ranging from nouveau disco to bass heavy club thumpers. It was tweaked from a mess to a coherent Kylie sound by fellow Aussie Sia Furler, who certainly has shown that she can write/produce a winner. Lead single “Into the Blue” has already shown itself to be a winner in that identifiable Kylie vein.  The more you listen to it the more you will realize that this is her best album in a long while. From track one to the last it is a fun and enjoyable Kylie album.

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