Outrageous is the word best used to describe this web series that is a different kind of horror show. What else can you say about a show that features the former lead singer of eighties hair band Twisted Sister Dee Snider as a boss who is also a member of a Van Halen tribute band? The fantastic Adam Green also plays a guy who has an imaginary friend who lives in a closet and spews out advice. Fun and nonsense sprouts out of this strange environment. Due to all this it has gained lots of viewers due to word of mouth as it is talked about plenty.

Episode 1: The Christmas Special: The gang is trapped in the apartment when the power goes out during a Christmas Eve storm. To pass the time they share stories about how they all met.

Episode 2: Suicidal Tendencies: Corri (played by Corri English) finds out that famous horror star Kane Hodder is a patient in the hospital after a failed suicide attack. Adam (played by Adam Green) and Joe (played by Joe Lynch) come up with a plan to get him out so they can get him to star in their horror film SHINPADS.

Episode 3: Halloween Girl: Adam and Joe use Kane Hodder’s phone to get the number of scream queen Danielle Harris in order to get her to come to Holliston to take part in their short film. The guys get a free intern named Nicolo (played by Paul Solet) who doesn’t tend to get things right.

Episode 4: Hobgoblin: Joe is frustrated over the way SHINPADS is going. He manages to convince Adam, Corri and Laura (played by Laura Ortiz) to go off to the woods for the weekend to try and get some found footage material.

Episode 5: Honesty: Laura’s parents visit and it is stressful for her as they are judgemental to say the least. Corri convinces Adam and Joe to help their childhood bully undertake the last step of rehab.

Episode 6: Rock the Cradle: Corri believes that Adam’s girlfriend is not who he thinks she is. Everyone loves her and they all think Corri is just jealous.

Episode 7: Joe’s Soda: A crazy man at the hospital bites Corri. Adam and Joe believe the man is a werewolf and undertake actions to “save” Corri.

Episode 8: Blobby: In an animated episode, using paints she got from Japan Laura accidentally creates The Blob. The once peaceful town of Holliston is turned upside down as a result.

Episode 9: Cursed: A fan of Laura’s sends her a strange videotape. Adam’s latest girlfriend might be the most beautiful but he thinks she has a flaw.

Episode 10: Kevin’s Wedding: Corri is invited to her ex-boyfriend Kevin’s (Nick Ballard) wedding. She decides to bring Adam as her date in order to make Kevin jealous.

Episode 11: Farm Festival: Every film festival in the world rejects Adam and Joe’s short horror, SHINPADS. In order to have it screened the gang hosts their own film festival.

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