Top 10 Most Beautiful Pairs of Female Eyes

tyra banksWhen you make a list relating to beautiful women it is not usually their eyes that you focus on. It is far down on the list of things that men think of when describing a woman as beautiful. I argue that they are actually important. Eyes are described as windows to the soul and so if you believe that then it follows that they are an important element of a woman’s beauty. They demonstrate a depth that other parts of our body don’t as they give hints to the personality of the woman. Eyes involve colour, shape and lashes that all add up to a, these women’s instances, an intoxicating mix.

10 Penelope Cruz: Deep and dark. Dreamy, romantic and soulful. Hazel in colour and picture perfect. Emphasizes them with dark pencil which amplifies their romance and sexiness.

9) Tyra Banks: The former model’s eyes are so famous they have coined their own term – smize. It means to smile with your eyes. Intensely alluring.

8) Rihanna: The singer’s eyes that can win over the heart of audience before she even sings a note. Her incredible green eyes are stunners. A unique green colour that seems to have been dipped in honey. Eyes that literally light up her concert venues. Simply dazzling.

7) Charlize Theron: She is not only a statuesque and beautiful woman but one who is witty and intelligent. All this is summed up in her eyes. Her beautifully shaped green eyes are deep and often glistening. They enhance the already incredible face.

6) Cameron Diaz: These are a pair of stunners. Big, sparkling and crystal blue. Has one of the most distinct pair in Hollywood today.  Almost too perfect to be real as they seem like they must have been painted on. A glow seems to emanate from them.

5) Angelina Jolie: Not only beautiful, but her large and sultry almond shaped hazel eyes are alluring. Usually it is her lips that get all the press though I think it is the eyes that really make her face. Full of life and penetrating, Jolie’s eyes have the ability to change depending on the role she undertakes. Cat eyes that makes the onlooker purr with their perfection.

4) Mila Kunis: Huge! Brown! Green! Kunis is petite though her eyes are huge. She is said to have been given her first acting job because of them. They are rare in two different ways. One is that her irises are of two different colours – the left is brown while the right is green. It is sometimes difficult to tell, but it is so. She also suffers from chronic iritis which caused her temporary blindness in one eye. Surgery saved her eyesight but the inflammation left her with the two different colour eyes. They are a pair which can make a grown man fall to his knees.

3) Kristen Kreuk: She stars in the latest adaptation of Beauty and the Beast in which she plays the beauty and was formerly the girl who bewitched Superman. She is Canadian and her eyes are breathtaking. They are green but have flecks of different colours to add layers and depth. They are the type of eyes that you want to dive into and swim around for hours on end.

2) Elizabeth Taylor: A woman famous for her numerous marriages, acting skill, diamond collection and those eyes. A blue that is so deep it is practically violet. It has been said that her blue eyes make the sky look pale. Large enough that they seem to look deep into your soul when she casts them upon you. It was said that you could not see them live and not be affected by her eyes. Ironically, it was the poverty of her youth and the subsequent malnutrition that led to her having double eyelashes which added her already incredible eyes.

1) Aishwarya Rai: The Indian actress/model has incredible green eyes. So incredible that people believe them to be a result of coloured contacts. Their colour cannot be real. There is no debate over the fact that they do cast a spell that lasts. They are so great that a UK musician was moved to write a song about them.

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