World War II was a time in which technology had changed warfare. One of those ways was communication. This made changing language of written communication into code. As a result having people on your side who were good at breaking codes was very important and gained you an important edge.

The Bletchley Circle is about four such women who were used in World War II as code breakers. Now in post-war London they use the skills they honed during the war in the fight against crime.

Episode 1: Blood on Their Hands – Part 1: Alice Merren (played by Hattie Morahan), a former colleague of the ladies, is charged with the murder of a well known scientist. Jean (played by Julie Graham) brings the group of four back together to work on their second case.

Episode 2: Blood on Their Hands – Part 2: Despite their initial hesitance the three other join Jean in the search for the proof that Alice is innocent. When they start to uncover stuff it points to a conspiracy of the highest level.

Episode 3: Unaccustomed Goods – Part 1: Millie (played by Rachel Stirling) has taken a side job that involves unaccustomed goods. This leads to her being kidnapped. Alice turns to Jean and Lucy (played by Sophie Rundle) for help as she does not trust the police.

Episode 4: Unaccustomed Goods – Part 2: Millie spends all her time trying to catch Marta (played by Brana Brajic) redhanded transporting women out of the country illegally. Just when the ladies think they have Marta caught they realize that they have to act quickly for any kind of success.

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