Broken Bells – After the Disco

What happens when you mix a music producer and a member of an indie pop band? You get Broken Bells, of course. Broken Bells is Danger Mouse (producer of albums by Black Keys and Gnarls Barkley) and James Mercer (of the group The Shins). This is their second album and it seems like they have more of an idea of what they are doing and where they want to bring us musically. In other words, their sophomore effort is a tighter more cohesive effort. While there is still plenty of variety of sound to be had. You get the blue eyed soul of title track “After the Disco”, a very glossy sound to “Control” and the New Wave sensibilities of “Perfect World”. My and I’m sure plenty of others favourite is the lead single “Holding On For Life”, a track that is rather lyrically gloomy and filled with great vocal harmonies. As you would expect based on the past work of these two men the album is smart, filled with catchy melodies and a cool kind of geeky.

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