Ripper Street: Season Two – Blu-ray Edition

The streets of the East End of London in 1898 were a frightening place as the serial killer Jack the Ripper was on the loose. Even after he seemed to disappear and leave behind his life of crime people were hesitant to go out and crime was on the rise. The police of the Whitechapel H Division try their best to restore law and order.

Episode 1: Pure as the Driven: One of the officers from K Division is assaulted and an investigation is begun. Reid (played by Matthew MacFadyen) is led to Chinatown and a new type of opiate that is supremely dangerous.

Episode 2: Am I Not Monstrous?: A woman with a sort of tail is murdered and that leads the team into the world of circus freaks. The Elephant Man (played by Joseph Drake) helps out and leads to Reid realizing that his colleague Jedediah Shine (played by Joseph Mawle) has something to do with the case.

Episode 3: Become Man: A famous council member is snatched from the music hall.  This reunites Drake (played by Jerome Flynn) with Rose (played by Charlene McKenna) as she works there.

Episode 4: Dynamite and a Woman: An Irish bomber escapes from prison and soon after an opponent of Home Rule is found murdered. Chief Inspector Abberline (played by Clive Russell) believes that the Irish Republican Brotherhood is in operation again.

Episode 5: Threads of Silk and Gold: Captain Jackson (played by Adam Rothenberg) tries to figure out a way for he and Susan (played by Myanna Buring) to get out from under the debt they owe Silas Duggan (played by Frank Harper). During the investigation of the murder of a telegraph boy something about the GPO is uncovered.

Episode 6: A Stronger Loving World: Reid believes that the same person is responsible for fires set at churches and synagogues. Drake’s newlywed bliss is interrupted by a visit from someone from his wife’s past.

Episode 7: Our Betrayal – Part 1: A scam that targets local craftsmen come onto the radar for the H Division. Silas Duggan turns the screws on Susan.

Episode 8: Our Betrayal – Part 2: Jackson envisions funding his future with the money from the sale of stolen diamond. The chiefs from H Division and K Division clash.

Special Features: Beneath Ripper Street, Trailers for Sherlock: Season 3, Earth Journeys and BBC America, Copper: Season Two and Atlantis: Season One

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