Mad Men: Season Two – Blu-ray Edition

Season seven of this highly popular series has just started. Time flies when you are watching people be devious, sneaky, mysterious, adulterous, and drunk. It takes a little adjusting to as it has its own rhythm but once you get into it you are pulled down deep into the lives of the people working at the New York City advertising agency Sterling Cooper.

At the end of season one there was a couple of cliffhangers that are somewhat tied up in season two, though it would not be Mad Men if there wasn’t another one at the end of this season too. It is turbulent times for Americans and the characters of Mad Men.

Episode 1: For Those Who Think Young: In his personal life and at work, Don (played by Jon Hamm) begins to feel old. It is Valentine’s Day and all the couples celebrate in one way or another.

Episode 2: Flight 1: Pete (played by Vincent Kartheiser) discovers that his father was a passenger on an American Airlines plane that crashed. Don is unhappy when the agency decides to dump the smaller Mohawk Airlines in favour of a chance at the American Airlines account.

Episode 3: The Benefactor: Harry (played by Rich Sommer) mistakenly opens Ken’s (played by Aaron Staton) paycheck and is upset at how much he makes compared to himself. Don tap dances to save the Utz Potato Chip account after the actor Jimmy Barrett (played by Patrick Fischler) insults the owner’s wife.

Episode 4: Three Sundays: Peggy (played by Elizabeth Moss) continues going to church to make her mother happy and meet new priest, Father Gill (played by Colin Hanks). The Drapers spend the day together as a family. The team at Sterling Cooper prepares for the American Airlines pitch.

Episode 5: The New Girl: The Campbells go see a fertility expert. Joan (played by Christina Hendricks) comes in with an engagement ring on her finger. Don runs into Rachel Menkin (played by Maggie Siff) at Sardis while having drinks with Bobbie Barrett (played by Melinda McGraw).

Episode 6: Maidenform: Playtex wants Sterling Cooper to change their ad campaign to be like Maidenform’s. Duck’s (played by Mark Moses) kids come stay with him for Memorial Day weekend. Betty (played by January Jones) runs into Arthur (played by Gabriel Mann) at the Patterson’s club.

Episode 7: The Gold Violin: Don is in the market for a new car after the accident. The new painting in Cooper’s (played by Roger Morse) office earns some attention. Jane (played by Peyton List) is fired by Joan and then rehired by Roger (played by John Slattery).

Episode 8: A Night to Remember: Betty is having a hard time dealing with the information Jimmy told her at the party. Harry is having a tough time fulfilling the duties of his new job. Peggy agrees to do the publicity for the church dance.

Episode 9: Six Month Leave: Both Don and Betty are having to adjust to her telling Don not to come home. The girls at the office are taking the death of Marilyn Monroe hard. Freddie’s (played by Joel Murphy) job is hanging by a thread, but Don is still loyal to him.

Episode 10: The Inheritance: Betty and Don go to see her father (played by Ryan Cutrona) after he has a stroke. Pete and Trudy (played by Allison Brie) consider adoption. Don decides to go to Los Angeles on business.

Episode 11: The Jet Set: After Roger tells his wife he is in love with another woman and that he is leaving her. In Los Angeles, Pete wants to swim in the pool while Don’s mind is on work and Betty. Duck asks Roger to consider him for partner.

Episode 12: The Mountain King: Flashback to when Don Draper’s wife (played by Melinda Page Hamilton) confronts Don about assuming her husband’s identity. Pete tells Trudy that they’re not adopting a child. After bringing in the Popsicle account Peggy asks Roger for her own office.

Episode 13: Meditations in an Emergency: Betty finds out that she is pregnant and is not happy about it. Employees at Sterling Cooper are guessing why Don is AWOL in Los Angeles. Don returns and tells Betty he will do anything to be with her again.

Special Features: Mad Men Season 2 Music Sampler, Birth of An Independent Woman Part 1, Birth of An Independent Woman Part 2, An Era of Style, Time Capsule – Historical Events of the 1960s, Bookmarks

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