The Other Woman

the other woman2All marriages have their ups and downs but when cheating is involved, things can get very complicated. “The Other Woman” is precisely about that very topic except the husband in this scenario doesn’t just have one “other woman,” he’s got a few.

Kate King (Leslie Mann) is the wife of businessman Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). She trusts him to be making the right decisions for their finances and he treats her fairly well so she is unaware that their marriage is in major trouble.

Carly (Cameron Diaz) hooks up with Mark and eventually forms a relationship with him. One evening, Carly shows up at his home and is shocked to be greeted by his wife. Instead of talking to Mark about it, she just cuts off contact. Kate decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts Carly. Once she realizes that Carly was lied to as well, the duo quickly become friends. Amber (Kate Upton) joins them as woman number three who is being lied to as well. The ladies decide to get revenge on Mark and go to great lengths to teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.

The idea of women who have been wronged getting together to seek justice and not blame each other but actually becoming friends  may not exactly be a common real life scenario but seems to an interesting area to mine in regards to scriptwriters and directors. Unfortunately the potential for funny and heartfelt moments were missed a number of times throughout the film. The movie could have also done without the “potty” humor as it did not add much to the film.

The story was slow at times and the scenes were a bit all over the place. Leslie Mann’s character was disappointing as she was very annoying at times and just not likeable until the end of the film. Nicki Minaj was a pleasant surprise as she had good screen presence in her brief role as Carly’s office assistant. Sadly another film with potential that didn’t quite get there.

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