Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter

On their sophomore album Young the Giant has evolved from sunny California-style pop music to something a little more cutting edge. It is rock music with a view to the future. Mash ups of various influences and sounds to create something new. They don’t demonstrate any signs of fearing change or experimentation. Young the Giant spreads their wings wide enough to fly. Darker and edgier sum up Mind Over Matter. Lead single “It’s About Time” remains as catchy as anything the band has previously recorded but lyrically it is quite vague. You try and figure out what it is about. The required flow to make it a strong album is there throughout its entirety. There are no weak links here. Each song builds upon what the previous started. Each depending on the next. For the first six tracks the tempo is up so when track seven starts it is a real attention grabber. Because of its change of pace and the great vocals “Firelight” is one of the stronger tracks on the album.

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