Since her debut in 1930 Betty Boop has made her mark on the cartoon world. The flapper woman-child has become one of animation most iconic characters. What you will be struck with while watching the collection is how sexual it is considering the time and how timeless the humour and stories are.

Episode 1: Minnie the Moocher: First aired in 1932. Betty runs away from home with Bimbo. It only takes a short time for her to realize that home was not such a bad place after all.

Episode 2: I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You: First aired in 1932. Louis Armstrong and his band are depicted as cannibals. On the plus side the music is great.

Episode 3: Mother Goose Land: First aired in 1933. Betty finds herself a character in a Mother Goose tale. She has to steer clear of the spider as he has love on his mind.

Episode 4: The Old Man of the Mountain: First aired in 1933. The Old Man is not quite so old as it turns out. Betty has to try to escape from his clutches.

Episode 5: I Heard: First aired in 1933. Betty finds herself in a haunted mine. It is going to be up to Bimbo to rescue her.

Episode 6: Ha! Ha! Ha!: First aired in 1934. The patients have escaped from the asylum. Koko is out and his sweet tooth needs to be fed.

Episode 7: Stop That Noise: First aired in 1935. Betty is trying to get a good night’s sleep. The city is too noisy so she escapes to the countryside but finds it no quieter.

Episode 8: Service With a Smile: First aired in 1937. Betty finds herself in charge of the running of a hotel. Her job is made quite difficult by all the complaints coming from the guests.

Episode 9: The New Deal Show: First aired in 1937. Set at a contest for pets and they are all dressed up quite oddly. Parker Posey tries to buy a bumble bee for her dog.

Episode 10: Be Up to Date: First aired in 1938. Betty decides to bring her mobile dry goods store up to some hillbillies in the mountains.

Episode 11: Out of the Inkwell: First aired in 1938. A janitor (played by Oscar Polk) tries to hypnotize Betty in order to get her to do certain things. Turnaround is fair play…at least according to Betty.

Episode 12: Pudgy in the Thrills and Chills: First aired in 1938. Betty and her dog Pudgy travel to a ski lodge. There she has to try and avoid the moves of a guy who has fallen hard for her.