Lea Michele – Louder

On Glee as Rachel Berry Lea Michele is all Broadway all the time. On her debut solo album she is a more marketable mixture of pop and EDM. Now, I’m sure that is how either her label sold it to her or she sold it to them as being more commercially viable music. In reality this is a dud. Lea should have stuck to what she does best and recorded an album of Broadway style music. Her voice does not suit the type of music slot they are trying to stuff her in. It is too strong at times and sort of overwhelms things. She sings the songs like she is doing show tunes. You can give her props for the power of her voice and her excellent breathing techniques but it does not suit the songs. Surprisingly even though one of the more successful songwriters working today, Sia Furler, has penned several of the eleven tracks on Louder the lyrics are rather weak and trifling. What else can you say about a line that goes “My heart is too drunk to drive”?

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