The Idan Raichel Project – Quarter to Six

Israel musician Idan Raichel has gone multi-national. With The Idan Raichel Project he brings together several different musicians from different cultural backgrounds to create a fusion-like sound. On Quarter to Six you get some Portuguese Fado (Ana Moura), Palestinian-Israeli (Mira Awad), a German countertenor (Andreas Scholl), Columbian (Marta Gomez), a little taste of Mali (Vieux Farka Toure) and finally plenty of Israeli musicians. Besides some beautiful arrangements and instrument playing the mixing up of male and female vocalists really does the trick in that you never get too settled in or bored. This album is like the United Colours of Benetton or a sitting of the United Nations with all the different sounds and influences from a variety of cultures and countries. Songs are sung in several languages (German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic) but the emotions of them are universal and can be felt no matter what language you speak. The songs will evoke different feelings in the listener but most of them are rather soft, hopeful and serene. His usual energetic project has been changed for something a little different. Give it a chance and you’ll see that with every subsequent play it will grow on you more and more. Stand outs for me were “Im Ha’ita Ro’eh” featuring Anna Moura and “In Stiller Nacht” featuring Andreas Scholl.

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