Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

We get Damon Albarn. Not Gorillaz. Not Blur. Just the man behind those two great bands. He is doing his own thing and it is like a piece of art. The talent he possesses is of the flexible variety. Don’t expect to hear this on Top 40 radio as it certainly isn’t commercial; it is just well constructed and written music. On top of all that you get that wonderfully distinctive voice. He seems to be comfortable in his own skin and it shines through in his music. Thoughtful and mellow is how you can describe a large portion of the twelve tracks. Almost like he listened to a lot of classic stuff from the seventies and eighties while writing Everyday Robots. Topically I appreciate that he is taking modern life on head on. The title track and “Hollow Ponds” are obviously a call for the good old days with his disenchantment with modern technology and increased lack of the human touch. Some meat you can really sink your teeth into. Because of the rather dark nature of a large portion of the album it is the brighter and sunnier ones that make the biggest impression. “ Parakeet”, “Mr. Tembo” and “Heavy Seas of Love” are stand outs. Miraculously, despite the variety of topic and sound the tracks just flow together to create a unified whole. Can’t say enough about the man and his music.

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