v the complete second seasonIt is a shame that the network canceled this series before they could come to some sort of conclusion. You are left hanging wondering who wins out in the end. Boo ABC!

The V are aliens who have arrived on Earth. Actually they are hovering above Earth in twenty-nine ships. They are led by Queen Anna (played by Morena Baccarin), a being who always has something up her sleeve. On the surface they seem like peace loving beings but behind the scenes they have a plan that will wipe out all of humanity. The only humans who seem to be aware of what is really going on are those who have joined the Fifth Column, an underground organization devoted to driving away the V.

Episode 1: Red Rain: Earth’s population becomes very nervous when the sky opens up and a red rain starts falling. Erica (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) is not willing to accept the explanation the V gives so she begins an investigation.

Episode 2: Serpent’s Tooth: Anna decides she has to eliminate the human soul in order to carry forth her plan.  Another part is using Ryan’s (played by Morris Chestnut) daughter to get him to carry out her will.

Episode 3: Laid Bare: After capturing and torturing the spy Malik (played by Rekha Sharma), the Fifth Column gets some important intel from her. Lisa (played by Laura Vandervoort) is still helping the humans in defiance of her mother, Anna.

Episode 4: Unholy Alliance: Anna, in a public relations move, seeks the approval of the Vs by the Vatican. Erica has an old friend as her new partner.

Episode 5: Concordia: Anna hosts a gala to announce her new Urban Renewal Plan. She finds out that she is a target for assassination.

Episode 6: Siege: The Fifth Column hideout is surrounded by the FBI with no apparent escape route. Erica switches things up by posing as their hostage.

Episode 7: Birth Pangs: Erica gets some information from Hong Kong which solidifies her standing as the new global leader of the Fifth Column. Anna continues with her plan involving manipulation of human DNA.

Episode 8: Uneasy Lies the Head: Erica comes up with a plan in which the Fifth Column would mess up the Vs DNA plot. Ryan finds himself with a new ally aboard the V ship.

Episode 9: Devil in a Blue Dress: The Fifth Column realizes that the Blue Energy reactors are the key to the V invasion plot. Anna uses her power of Bliss to her advantage.

Episode 10: Mother’s Day: It seems like Anna has remained a couple steps ahead of the Fifth Column and Erica’s plans. The human population is affected by Bliss.

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