Passenger – All the Little Lights

Originally released in 2012 this album took a while to catch on. But when it did it was on Top 40 radio like wildfire. You could not sneeze without hearing the track “Let Her Go” on the radio in 2013. It is the type of song that appeals to many different types of music fans. Pop, rock and easy listening types all gave it the thumbs up and as a result much of North America discovered this Australian. It reminded me of when James Blunt burst onto the scene. Odd voice, nice soothing guitar playing and brokenhearted lyrics. Check, check and double check. Passenger is Mike Rosenberg and All the Little Lights is the follow up to Flight of the Crow. With his very distinctive voice it almost makes many of his songs sound the same. While that is an oversimplification of things if you do like “Let Her Go” then you will like the rest of the album as well. Lyrics that are a window into the man’s soul, lovely chord progression and spare but haunting arrangements. Move on from “Let Her Go” to discover the other stand out tracks like “Holes” and “Wrong Direction”.

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