Morrissey – Your Arsenal

This rerelease of the former frontman of The Smiths fourth solo disc is a worthy addition to your collection if you don’t already own it. It is his best solo work, if Morrissey does say so himself. Originally released in 1992, Your Arsenal was produced by former David Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson (it was his last as he died shortly afterwards) and is the opinionated and flamboyant singer’s version of hard rock. Your Arsenal is like your typical album of your with two sides to it. The first five songs are filled with glam rock style guitar riffs and sounds like it was recorded live. “You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side” is a perfect example of this. The next five songs are comprised of slower paced songs that aim to create a particular mood. Whereas the first five songs are happy and upbeat these are more melancholic and intimate. Lots of acoustic guitar based songs. Despite the sound differences Your Arsenal is consistently brilliant.

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