Neneh Cherry – Blank Project

If my arithmetic skills have not completely left me it seems to me that it has been eighteen years since the year 1996.  Eighteen years is a long time. Long enough for someone to reach voting and drinking age in Quebec. Also long enough for Swedish pop singer Neneh Cherry, her of “Buffalo Stance” fame, to release a follow up album. It has taken eighteen years for Blank Project to be written, recorded and released. In all that time lots has changed and some has not changed with Neneh Cherry. What hasn’t changed is her refusal to be slotted into one musical category. The ten tracks on Blank Project are as varied as her music ever was. Title track “Blank Project” is set to techno beats, funk is the backbone of “Witness”, “Across the River” has some traditional (?) Neneh Cherry jazz grooves, and “Naked” features world beats. Despite the long time between albums no rust seems to have infiltrated her musical muscles as each and every song is aural gold. The sound that comes out of your speakers is loud and pulsating except for a couple of mellow and jazzy numbers. All very enjoyable. Lyrically Cherry lays herself bare divulging all that is on her mind and in her heart. All this plus a guest appearance on the track “Out of the Black” by fellow Swede Robyn adds up to an album that was worth the wait.

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