St. Vincent – St. Vincent

St. Vincent is Annie Clark and Annie Clark is a top notch song writer and deliverer. On her fourth album she continues to add to her already impressive catalogue and reputation. It is amazing on the self-titled album how she manages to cloak such dark lyrics in bright and peppy melodies. Makes everything seem light and carefree. Previously her songs were of the stark and cold variety but now she has instilled emotion into them rendering them plenty accessible. “Prince Johnny” is a couple of minutes of pure joy. “Rattlesnakes” is an example of musical ecstasy. The guitar riff in “Huey Newton” brings pure power to the whole affair. All this concludes with the strongest track and album finisher, “Severed Crossed Fingers”.  Such is her talent that you are not really sure how she manages to do what she does. By injecting catchy melodies into the tunes St. Vincent demonstrates how she is continuously evolving as an artist. The multi-instrumentalist started off her career in the background of a band or as part of Sufjan Stevens’ touring band. Hard to believe that she was not front and center from the beginning once you hear her marvellous voice.

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