The Planet Smashers – Mixed Messages

Third wave ska band The Planet Smashers should bring pride to every Montrealer as they are a local band considered one of the best of that genre and era in the world. They have always been able to mix ska with a gentle punk influence in way that pleases music fans everywhere. Mixed Messages does not give the listeners’ ears or feet anything of the sort as the message is loud and clear and the thirteen songs on the album make you want to move from beginning to end. It is the type of album that will have people dancing like fools to. The album kicks off with a bunch of fun horns on “Never Die Old” and then moves on to a classic The Planet Smashers sounding track called “Tear It Up”, which is one of the strongest of the bunch and features an organ that will have your feet a tapping. Part way through there are a couple of slower, romantic songs that are no less fun but give you a break from the fast pace of the others. In the mid nineties this band help a load of teenagers rage against the machine in a positive musical way and listening to Mixed Messages they are still a band, twenty years later, that teenagers will turn to for a different kind of fun dancing music.

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