the andy griffith show season 1There have been few television characters that have left their mark like Andy Taylor did.  In The Andy Griffith Show, Andy Taylor (played by Andy Griffith) is the sheriff and justice of the peace in the sleepy town of Mayberry.  On the job he is aided by his faithful but goofy deputy and cousin, Barney Fife (played by Don Knotts). He is a widower and is raising his young son Opie (played by Ron Howard) by himself. Well, not exactly by himself as Aunt Bee (played by Frances Bavier) keeps both father and son in line. Small-town America rarely looked as enticing and fun as it did in this show.

Episode 1: The New Housekeeper: Opie has a hard time adjusting to Rose leaving and Aunt Bee coming in to live with he and his father. A few things happen causing Aunt Bee to think she better leave.

Episode 2: The Manhunt: Andy and Barney have a hard time working with the State Police when they come to Mayberry on a case.  An escaped convict ends up in town.

Episode 3: Guitar Player: Andy is forced to arrest a young and very talented guitar player for playing on the streets. He decides to give him a helping hand on the road to success.

Episode 4: Irresistible Andy: Andy proves once again that he is not very sharp when it comes to women. He tries every trick in the book to avoid it when he mistakenly believes that Ellie (played by Elinor Donahue), the town’s new pharmacist, wants to marry him.

Episode 5: Runaway Kid: Opie tries his best to help a young runaway. Andy has to eat his own words in regards to a lesson to his son about keeping one’s word.

Episode 6: Andy the Matchmaker: Andy notices that Barney is down. He decides to do what he can to bolster his confidence at work and with women.

Episode 7: Opie’s Charity: Andy gets a lesson in charity from Opie. This after he tries to teach his son a lesson after hearing he has given very little to the drive for underprivileged children.

Episode 8: A Feud is a Feud: A long running family feud continues at an even higher pace. This because a young adult from each of the family announce they want to marry one another.

Episode 9: Ellie for Council: Ellie notices that there are no women on the Mayberry City Council. So she does the obvious to change that and runs for a position herself.

Episode 10: Christmas Story: Ben (played by Will Wright), a crabby business owner, insists that Andy lock up a family man over the holidays. Andy tries to figure out a way the man can spend Christmas with his family without Ben protesting.

Episode 11: Stranger in Town: A man visiting from New York seems to know everything there is to know about the citizens of Mayberry. Barney is determined to figure out how.

Episode 12: Mayberry Goes Hollywood: Mayberry is selected as a locale for a Hollywood film shoot. The residents get overly excited about it.

Episode 13: The Horse Trader: Andy tries to teach the Golden Rule to Opie. Then he has to go against his own teachings when it comes to the selling of the town’s old cannon.

Episode 14: Those Gossipin’ Men: Andy calls Aunt Bee out for female gossiping. She gets back at him by demonstrating that women are not the only gossipers.

Episode 15: The Beauty Contest: Andy is selected at the only judge in the Mayberry Beauty Contest. This poses plenty of problems for him.

Episode 16: Alcohol and Old Lace: Andy thinks he has broken up all the illegal alcohol distilling rings in Mayberry. There is one group left and he is flabbergasted when he finds out who they are.

Episode 17: Andy the Marriage Counsellor: There is a couple in Mayberry who seem to only fight. Andy steps in and tries to play marriage counselor.

Episode 18: Mayberry on Record: A record producer arrives in Mayberry looking for some folk music talent. Barney is not happy with his small paycheck and is considering on making some investments.

Episode 19: Andy Saves Barney’s Morale: An infamous con-artist is to spend some time in the Mayberry jail. He wins over most of the town except for Andy.

Episode 20: Cyrano Andy: Barney is having trouble expressing his feelings to Thelma Lou (played by Betty Lynn). Andy has a plan to help him out.

Episode 21: Andy and Opie, Housekeepers: Aunt Bee goes away to help a sick relative. This leaves the very messy Andy and Opie to their own devices:

Episode 22: The New Doctor: Ellie shows the new doctor around town. This causes some jealousy on the part of Andy.

Episode 23: A Plaque for Mayberry: Town drunk Otis (played by Hal Smith) turns out to be the last living relative of a Revolutionary War hero. Andy attempts to clean him out before the plaque presentation.

Episode 24: The Inspector: Andy is having to deal with an irate bootlegger. This at the same time that he has to deal with a very uptight courthouse inspector.

Episode 25: Ellie Saves a Female: Ellie decides to help feminize a female farmhand. She does, however, meet with resistance from the girl’s father.

Episode 26: Andy Forecloses: Ben and his crabby ways strike again and this time he wants to foreclose on a family living in a property he owns. He has designs to open a warehouse there so he won’t allow Andy to get out of evicting them.

Episode 27: Quiet Sam: A new farmer who is very quiet rouses the suspicion of Barney. It turns out the farmer’s wife is pregnant and very close to giving birth.

Episode 28: Barney Gets his Man: Barney accidentally captures a criminal. When the man eludes custody he comes back to get his revenge on Deputy Fife.

Episode 29: The Guitar Player Returns: Mayberry rolls out the red carpet for the very successful guitarist Jim Lindsey (played by James Best). Andy very quickly realizes that not all is right with Jim.

Episode 30: Bringing Up Opie: Aunt Bee believes that Opie is being negatively affected by his time spent hanging around the Mayberry jail. So Andy bans him from visiting him there.

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