Angry Birds Toons: Season One – Volume Two – Blu-ray Edition

angry birds toons the first season volume twoThe very popular Angry Birds came to us via their equally loved apps and video games. Fans clamoured for more and they got it. Now those bouncy, brightly coloured, non-speaking birds are here with their own animated television show. Each episode is perfect for short (meaning young) people and people with short attention spans as they are each less than five minutes. Most stories are variations of the same with the Piggies trying to get their hands on the Angry Birds eggs.

Episode 1: Green Pig Soup: The Piggies disguise themselves as vegetables in order to get close to the Birds’ eggs. Will they get them or end up as soup?

Episode 2: Catch of the Day: The Piggies launch plungers with the aim of grabbing some eggs. The Blues end up outsmarting them.

Episode 3: Nighty Night Terence: While Terence is sleeping the Piggies try to get at the eggs he’s guarding. Even sleeping Terence is too much for them to handle.

Episode 4: Piggy Wig: While the King of the Piggies is trying to find a wig he likes the best the Blues begin launching themselves. One lands accidentally on his head making the King the laughingstock.

Episode 5: Pig Plot Portion: The Piggies have come up with a potion that transforms Birds into Piggies. Red is their first transformee.

Episode 6: Tooth Royal: The Piggie King is suffering with a bad tooth. No attempts to pull it seem to work.

Episode 7: Night of the Living Pork: The Piggie King will not share any of his candy even though it is Halloween. That is until zombies come trick or treating.

Episode 8: King of the Castle: The Piggies are spending the day at the beach. All is going swimmingly until the Piggie King discovers that all the other sandcastles are better than his.

Episode 9: Love is in the Air: The Piggie Army is practicing the cabbage catapulting when one hits the Piggie King in the head. Obviously the sense is knocked out of him as he falls in love with the cabbage.

Episode 10: Fired Up: During a cold spell the Angry Birds try to keep their eggs warm. A little jealousy makes it more difficult than it should be.

Episode 11: Clash of Corns: Matilda is trying to grow corn but Bomb wants to eat it. In order to defend her corn it turns into war.

Episode 12: A Pig’s Best Friend: The Piggie King has captured one of the Blue Birds. He has him in a cage like a pet.

Episode 13: Slumber Mill: A Piggie is trying to get some sleep after a hard shift at the lumber mill. This is impossible as they have constructed a road that passes right over his house.

Episode 14: Jingle Yells: The Piggies disguise themselves as Santa and his reindeer in order to get close to the Birds’ eggs. Once again the Blues see right through their plan.

Episode 15: El Porkador!: The Piggie army attempt to use a giant wrestler-opera singer Piggie to get the Birds’ eggs. It leads to a battle of the giants – wrestler-opera Piggie versus Terence.

Episode 16: Hiccups: The Blues have a case of the hiccups that just won’t go away. They enjoy it but the rest of the Birds don’t.

Episode 17: The Butterfly Effect: A butterfly distracts the attention of Matilda as she’s watching over the eggs. This gives the Piggie army an idea.

Episode 18: Hambo: A Piggie surprise birthday party is planned. Hambo arrives instead of the guests of honour – the Birds’ eggs.

Episode 19: Bird Flu: A flu starts spreading through the Birds. The Piggie army, seeing the Birds in a weakened state, seize the opportunity to go after the eggs.

Episode 20: Piggies From the Deep: The Piggies are trying to enjoy themselves on a beautiful sunny day. The two with fake shark fins end up scaring everyone.

Episode 21: Oh Gnome!: A garden gnome is driving Matilda crazy. She, however, won’t admit it to Chuck.

Episode 22: Shrub It In: Matilda is trying to spend a quiet day gardening. Bomb uses the Blues to distract her so he can get her rosebush back without her noticing.

Episode 23: The Truce: A Chef Piggie offers the Birds a picnic as a truce. The Birds are distracted while eating that he’s being duplicitous.

Episode 24: Operation Opera: While watching over the eggs Matilda sings opera. Hearing this a Piggie comes up with the idea of disguising himself as an opera singer in order to distract her.

Episode 25: Chucked Out: Chuck is practicing his karate and ends up putting the eggs in danger making the other Birds angry. Living outside the group he is miserable until his skills are required to save the day.

Episode 26: Bomb’s Awake: Bomb is sleepwalking much to the entertainment of the Blues. That is until his wandering during his sleep puts the eggs in danger.

Special Features: Previews of Angry Birds Toons, The Spectacular Spider-Man Complete Series, The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale, Easter Egg Hunt, Meet the Characters, Behind the Scenes

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