Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

Versatility is not something that you see much of amongst musicians nowadays. They usually find their niche and stick to it. I mean, Rihanna is not going to go out and record a jazz album, is she? When an artist comes along who is attempts different things and has the talent to back it up usually they leave a mark. A native of Scotland with the exotic name, Paolo Nutini is just that type. His music is all over the place. Not in a scattered or cluttered kind of way rather he pulls it off with his brilliance. Musical muscles are stretched and do not snap with this lad. Makes me wonder if he has any limits. Fans of groove, funk, soul, R&B, and ballads will be doing back handsprings over the quality to be found here. My personal fave is the duet with the equally wonderful Janelle Monae on the track “Fashion”. Fresh sounding and timeless at the same time. Wonderful! It is not only different genres that the guy dabbles with. On Caustic Love the thirteen tracks cover old and new sounds and fast and down tempo songs. His great voice is up to the task and conveys not only the sound but also the emotion of the songs.

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