Pharrell Williams – Girl

Over the past year there has not been a hotter musical act than Pharrell. He seems to be everywhere and on every second hit song played on the radio. The winning streak continues with the first single off this album (and also part of the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack) “Happy”. And the entire album continues along that path – sunny, happy, upbeat and catchy. Seventies and Eighties R&B is referenced heavily along the way in the hand clapping and often used falsetto of Pharrell. A lot of it sounds like Quincy Jones produced music at its finest. To make it even more likeable and marketable Pharrell has made the running theme of the songs on the album how he adores women. The track “Marilyn Monroe” perfectly illustrates this. Unlike the blatant sexism of “Blurred Lines”, a tune he was also a part of, the fawning over women is just that – an appreciation of the finer sex. He continues to redefine what is cool in music today. The man is one of the few true trend setters.

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