The Ringer – Blu-ray Edition

This, the latest offering by slapstick comedic producers Bobby and Peter Farrelly may catch some of you off guard. Throw Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”) into the mix as a guy pretending to be a mentally challenged special Olympian named Jeffy and you would probably expect a film packed with inappropriate vulgarities aimed towards the Special Olympians. Ah, surprisingly, “The Ringer’s” laughs are all aimed at the former “Jackass” himself.

This film has few laughs yet greater moral appeal. Down and out Knoxville attempts to raise money for a friend’s operation by pretending to be intellectually challenged so that he can compete and rig the Special Olympics, so that his uncle can place a mammoth bet on “The Games.” Knoxville’s over the top gambling addictive uncle (Brian Cox) has a huge debt to repay and persuades Jeffy to participate.

Most of the humor comes from Knoxville’s interactions with the actual special Olympians. There is some crude humor in this film, however adolescents and their parents will enjoy this slanted look at the “Special Games.”

Special Features:

  • 16 deleted scenes
  • “Let the Games Begin –  A Look at The Ringer” featurette
  • Special Olympics featurette
  • A message from Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver

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