Classic Rock From Heart

The Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy, have been making music together as the band Heart since…well, it is hard to pin down a starting date for this band.  Some say it is 1967 while others say the band really took shape in 1970 when Ann joined in 1970 while others say when Nancy joined in 1974 is the origin of the band.  No matter the date Heart has been around in some form or another for going on five decades.

While Ann and Nancy have been the centerpieces of the band the line-up around them has changed frequently over the years.  The band’s sound has evolved from folk to heavy metal to hard rock and then back to acoustic folk rock most recently.  As you would expect over the course of such a long career Heart has faced its share of ups and downs.  Just when you think they have disappeared for good they reappear and release a hit album.  Singles like “These Dreams”, “Barracuda”, “Dog & Butterfly”, “What About Love”, “Alone”, “Crazy on You”, and “Never” have cemented their reputation as a band who compose songs with catchy hooks and impressive riffs.

Heart has sold over 35 million albums worldwide with 22 million in sales in the United States alone.  Commercially they have been one of the longest lasting rock bands in the history of music.  As a result they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Additional Information:

-Date:  June 14, 2014

-Venue:  Bell Centre


-Ticket Purchase:

-Ticket Prices:  $90.75, $106.25 (plus handling charges)

-Show Time:  8:00 p.m.

-Opening Act:  Jason Bonham

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