Maybe besides the Kardashians and the Obamas the Robertsons are America’s most famous family. All this notoriety due to making millions off of building duck calls. The family lives on a compound in Louisiana and have charmed us with their oodles of fun, unique perspective on life and many inches of beards. Life on this southern bayou is never dull.

Episode 1: Boomerang Becca: Rebecca returns home from her Los Angeles and her internship. The Robertsons are planning a big surprise party to greet her.

Episode 2: Willie’s Number Two: Willie has plans to hire a new assistant. Korie asks him to interview her cousin, JD.

Episode 3: Life of Si: Si decides he wants a GoPro to record a day in his life. He and his camera do not last long before they are kicked out on a hunting trip.

Episode 4: From Duck ‘til Dawn: The guys decide on pulling an all nighter in order to finish some work. They have a hard time accomplishing anything due to a dying smoke detector.

Episode 5: Burger Commander: Willie and Jase argue over who cooks the best burger. As a result of the argument a burger cook off is organized.

Episode 6: G.I. Si: Willie and Jase argue over who would make the better soldier. They decide to settle it in a paintball competition.

Episode 7: Jase and the Argonauts: Willie gets a soft serve ice cream machine but tells the guys they cannot use it until they’ve finished their work. Jase does not think this is fair so he takes action.

Episode 8: Foul Playhouse: Jep’s children get a new playhouse when Jase organizes a crew to build them one. Not surprisingly the playhouse ends up looking more like a duck blind.

Episode 9: The Big LeCOWski: For a school assignment Sadie spends the day at the Duck Commander. A test is created for Jase’s latest invention, the cow blind.

Episode 10: Stand By Mia: Mia is about to undergo surgery. The family decides to organize a Robertson family reunion to send her off.

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