Mobb Deep – The Infamous Mobb Deep

mobb deep the infamous mobb deepDespite the fact that for roughly two decades they have made significant contributions to rap music Mobb Deep has never achieved comparable commercial success. This is their eighth album and they come looking for their proper due. This they do without selling out. Despite its quality there is nary a song on the album that you will hear on the radio. The song “Low” is the closest thing on the album to a hit.  Made up of songs telling the tales of street life in New York it is rough and ready to rumble. This is east coast rap at its toughest and best. It is back to the basics for the rap duo. Each story behind each song is presented so clearly lyrically that you will be half expecting the cops or gang members to ambush you from behind. Each Mobb Deep album is different from any other rap album out there and we have got to thank them for that. They go at it full force so there is not a hint of falseness or posing to be found. Other pretenders and Johnny-come-latelies should sit down, listen to the album and learn something in the process. As for music fans, we will just sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride even if it is a bumpy one.

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