Linkin Park – The Hunting Party

linkin park the hunting partyAfter a two year break from making music, Linkin Park is back and their latest album is a hard hitting one. The veteran rockers are not going quietly into the night. Rather they are fighting until the very end. The rap/rock genre had its heyday around the turn of the century and since then rock critics and fans have been predicting its death and subsequently the death of this band. Still the Californians rock and rap on against all odds. What has kept them together and able to record music is their ability to incorporate different musical styles or influences like reggae and dubstep into their base of rock/rap. That being said the band had surprised me by making their best album in almost a decade. Yes, it is loud and aggressive, but in a good way. Mike’s singing and rapping is as good as it has ever been and there are some guitar solos that might just blow your mind. Tracks like “Final Masquerade” and “A Line in the Sand” are as good as anything they have recorded. Though “Final Masquerade” is fairly soft (compared to the other tracks on this album) they are both raw enough to sound like they were recorded in the band’s garage. There is an honesty and energy to them that bring back memories of the band at their best.

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