the honeymooners classic 39 episodesIt is not often that a comedy series comes along that has such an effect and leaves such a mark. The Honeymooners was that type of show. Its star Jackie Gleason was the forefather of such future characters as Archie Bunker and animated Fred Flintstone. With his hair triggered temper, bumbling ways, bulging eyes, and harebrained get rich quick schemes there is never a dull moment around Ralph Kramden. Gleason is well-supported by Audrey Meadows, Art Carney and Joyce Randolph. The show still will provide watchers plenty of laughs and as they have selected 39 of the best episodes from the series’ run on television you know you are getting the best from one of the best comedy series to ever be on television.

Episode 1: TV Or Not TV: Alice (played by Audrey Meadow) tries to convince Ralph (played by Jackie Gleason) to buy a television. To do so she tries the old pipe and slippers routine.

Episode 2: Funny Money: A gangster leaves a suitcase filled with counterfeit money on Ralph’s bus. Because the suitcase isn’t claimed Ralph gets to keep it, but the gangsters still have their eyes on it.

Episode 3: The Golfer: Ralph wants to be named the new Assistant Traffic Manager at work. He’ll only have a chance if Mr. Harper (played by John Griggs) knows he’s alive.

Episode 4: A Woman’s Work is Never Done: Alice tells Ralph she has tough at home due to a lack of modern conveniences. She tells him she is tired of the constant work so she is getting a job so she can get a maid.

Episode 5: A Matter of Life and Death: Alice tries to hide the fact that she’s paying for vet treatment for her mother’s dog from Ralph. Ralph mistakes the dog’s report for his own and he believes he is dying.

Episode 6: The Sleepwalker: Norton (played by Art Carney) is having a sleepwalking problem. Everyone else is affected by a lack of sleep and so Ralph stays with Norton to keep an eye on him.

Episode 7: Better Living Through TV: Ralph comes up with another one of his harebrained schemes to get rich. Part of his idea is buying television time in order to sell his product.

Episode 8: Pal o’ Mine: Norton throws a party for all his co-workers in the sewer. Ralph is furious that he is not invited.

Episode 9: Brother Ralph: Ralph is temporarily laid off from the bus company. Both Alice and Ralph really worry about what they are going to live on until the layoff is over.

Episode 10: Hello, Mom: Ralph is upset when he gets a telegram from Alice’s mom telling them she’s coming for a visit. When Alice won’t back down Ralph announces he is moving in with Norton as long as Alice’s mom is there.

Episode 11: The Deciding Vote: Ralph and Norton have another one of their fights. This time is different though as Ralph needs Norton’s vote in an election.

Episode 12: Something Fishy: It is the time of year for the Raccoon Lodge annual fishing trip. Ralph’s motion passes unanimously that this year they tell their wives they cannot attend.

Episode 13: Twas the Night Before Christmas: its Christmas time and Alice is having a hard time keeping Ralph away from his gift. Turns out the gift Ralph got Alice is not as special as he thought.

Episode 14: The Man From Space: Ralph comes up with another one of his get money quick schemes. The costume contest pits Ralph and Norton against one another.

Episode 15: A Matter of Record: Ralph gets two tickets to a Broadway show, but Alice cannot go because her mother is coming over. Ralph gets into a fight with Alice’s mother (played by Ethel Owen) and Alice ends up leaving him.

Episode 16: Oh My Aching Back: Ralph pretends he’s too tired to go to Alice’s mother’s for dinner so he can go bowling with Norton. Despite Alice catching him in the lie Ralph goes anyway and ends up hurting his back the night before his physical at work.

Episode 17: The Baby Sitter: Alice gets a phone put in without telling Ralph. As soon as he finds out about it Ralph wants it out right away.

Episode 18: The $99,000 Answer: Ralph gets selected to on the $99,000 Answer. He dreams of winning the money while Alice wants him to be reasonable.

Episode 19: Ralph Kramden, Inc.: Ralph believes his big ideas are going to pay off one day and decides to incorporate. He offers Norton a chance to invest $20 to become a major shareholder.

Episode 20: Young at Heart: Alice tells Ralph she believes they are in a rut. She wants to go roller skating and to the amusement park but Ralph thinks she is nuts.

Episode 21: A Dog’s Life: Alice gets a dog at the pound. She doesn’t tell Ralph and he ends up thinking the dog food is a wonderful new appetizer of Alice’s.

Episode 22: Here Comes the Bride: A member of the Raccoon Lodge, Brother Saxon (played by John Gibson), is about to be married to Alice’s sister (played by Treva Frazee). The advice Ralph gives him ends up putting his marriage in jeopardy.

Episode 23: Mama Loves Mambo: A gentleman (played by Charles Korvin) moves in to the flat next door to the Kramdens. The dance instructor has all the women in the building mad for mambo.

Episode 24: Please Leave the Premises: A doctor gives Ralph a simple cure for his nervousness. It is put to the test when the landlord (played by Luis Van Rooten) comes to them with a rent increase.

Episode 25: Pardon My Glove: Alice is planning a surprise birthday party for Ralph. He sees her list and figures it out, but doesn’t let her know he knows.

Episode 26: Young Man With a Horn: Alice is cleaning out the bedroom closet and wants to throw out Ralph’s cornet. The former tenants of their apartment inspire Ralph to make a success of himself.

Episode 27: Head of the House: Ralph is quoted in the paper as saying he is the head of the house in his household. When Alice sees it she blows a gasket and Ralph and Norton celebrate their emancipation.

Episode 28: The Worry Wart: Ralph gets a letter from the IRS asking him to come in for a meeting. Ralph drives himself crazy worrying about what they want.

Episode 29: Trapped: After leaving a pool game with Norton to go home, Ralph witnesses a robbery. Ralph is worried, with good reason, that the crooks are going to come after him.

Episode 30: The Loudspeaker: Ralph believes he’s going to be named as Raccoon of the Year. He writes a speech and everything only he isn’t the winner Norton is.

Episode 31: On Stage: Ralph is the treasurer of the lodge and they are in dire need of money. To raise that money the members decide to put on a play.

Episode 32: Opportunity Knocks But: Ralph’s boss, Mr. Marshall (played by John Griggs), gets a pool table from his wife for his birthday. Knowing that Ralph is a good player Mr. Marshall invites him over to show him the fundamentals of pool.

Episode 33: Unconventional Behavior: Ralph and Norton travel to Minneapolis for the annual Raccoon convention. Norton has a pair of trick handcuffs that end up not being so funny.

Episode 34: The Safety Award: The city is about to award Ralph with the safety award for bus drivers. On his way to the ceremony Ralph gets in an accident.

Episode 35: Mind Your Own Business: After he listens to Ralph Norton loses his job. Ralph decides to sell irons from door to door like Norton after hearing how successful he is at it.

Episode 36: Alice and the Blonde: Alice and Trixie (played by Joyce Randolph) feel like their husbands don’t notice them anymore. When she sees Ralph paying attention to his boss’s glamourous wife Alice decides to imitate her.

Episode 37: The Bensonhurst Bomber: Ralph and Norton are playing pool against a little guy who threatens to tell Harvey on them. Ralph ends up having to fight a bruiser of a guy named Harvey (played by George Mathews) and will do anything to get out of it.

Episode 38: Dial J for Janitor: Several janitors quit the job in the Kramdens’ building. Ralph decides to take the job himself.

Episode 39: A Man’s Pride: Ralph meets a former boyfriend of Alice’s who claims to be very successful now. Not wanting to be shown up, Ralph pretends he is in charge of the bus company.

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