dora and boots best freinds foreverEven (or maybe especially) when we are young it is important to have good friends that we can rely on. Dora and Boots are the best of friends and always together. They are good role models for young people demonstrating that friends stick together through good times and bad. This DVD will entertain and at the same time teach little ones important lessons about friendship.

Episode 1: Riding the Roller Coaster Rocks: Dora, Boots and Abuela go to the Magical Rainforest Amusement Park. There they are brave enough to ride the Roller Coaster Rocks and look through the Adventure Forest.

Episode 2: Best Friends: It is Best Friends day. This is a special occasion for best friends to get together and play so Dora and Boots decide to get together for a picnic.

Episode 3: Dora’s First Trip: Dora shares the tale of how she and Boots met and their first adventure together. In order that they be able to play for the cranky Queen Bee Dora and Boots have to locate and bring musical instruments to the Fiesta Trio.

Episode 4: The Big River: The Big River claims one of Boots’s shiny red boots. Dora and Boots are off on a water adventure to try and reclaim the runaway boot.

Episode 5: Boots’s Special Day: Today is a special day for Boots and as such he gets to do anything he wants. Boots is thrilled and does what he likes most in the world – he goes to visit his father at work.

Episode 6: Baseball Boots: Boots loves to play baseball. So far he has not been able to get a hit. He and Dora have a big game and Boots plans on using the occasion to get his first hit.

Episode 7: Boots’s Cuddly Dinosaur: Dora and Boots are having a sleepover. Dora has located her teddy bear but Boots cannot find his cuddly dinosaur. They figure out that the dinosaur must have fallen out of his bag at Play Park.

Episode 8: Call Me Mr. Riddles: Boots is really looking forward to the Riddle Contest. He is sure that he will be able to win by solving the silliest riddle.