Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca – La Rumba Soyo

ricardo la rumba soyoOff the top if you are not familiar with this band Ricardo Lemvo is from Zaire in Northern Angolia then grew up in the Congo and is now based in Los Angeles. He formed his backing band Makina Loca in 1990. Together they have become famous for their mixture of African and Cuban music.

La Rumba Soyo is a truly multinational not only in regards to the musicians on it but also in the fact that it was recorded in Angola, Canada, France and the United States. A three year project in which Lemvo really pulls back the curtain to allow his Angolan roots to show. Three songs on the album were co-written with Angolan songwriters. You will hear the Angolan influence on songs like “Dikulusu”, “Padre George” and “Simone CM”. Still the perky head of Congol rumba will poke through every so often to make the mix even that much more delicious. He has not totally discarded the salsa, soukous and son sounds that made him a worldwide star in the genre. Supported by these wonderful rhythms each song tells an engaging tale. The inherently infectious nature of most of the eleven tracks will have you up and dancing.

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