Johnny Cash – Out Among the Stars

johnny cash out among the starsDuring the eighties the Man in Black became disillusioned about the music he was producing and fell back into making bad personal choices (his addiction issues cropped up again during this period). He would start writing and recording albums become disgusted by what he thought to be their inferior quality and leave them unfinished. It is only now after his death that his musical vaults have been gone through and this previously unheard music is getting released. As fans have come to expect from Johnny Cash there is a wide variety of musical styles on Out Among the Stars. On these thirty odd year old songs you get some honky tonk, gospel, ballads and even some fifties sounding stuff. All of it while rather maudlin is filled with a depth that makes other recording artists seem like lightweights in comparison. As a warning this is dark stuff here with issues like suicide, crime, remorse, madness and despair. He obviously was working his way through some personal demons at the time. Thankfully he came out of it in the nineties. Cash fans will want to run out and get this for their collection. It is a must. Hard to believe it was shelved until after his death.

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